Since childhood, I have always been a natural healer, an empathic and an intuitive person. Early on in my professional pursuits and as a result of a near-death accident, I changed my career path from teaching to become a Social Worker.

Over the years, I increasingly realized the value of using my intuition, my inner guidance, to navigate my life. I saw how it significantly expands our personal awareness, promotes deeper insights and confidence, allows us to respond better to the needs of others, keeps us safer, and overall enriches our lives.

I therefore consciously chose to develop my intuitive or “spiritual gifts” – which are really not “gifts” per say, but aspects we all naturally possess. However, most of us have been discouraged from fully developing our spiritual senses. When we leave out attending to an important part of who we are, we are not functioning at full capacity, we are not as strong.

More recently, I also realized that my love for writing was really another way of giving caring service to my community in a heart-centred way. Allowing our hearts to become more open strengthens us. It connects us to our compassion, creates more inner balance and a sense of peacefulness. I felt how this inner connecting worked when I was a child, when needing to find solace, I spent much time in nature – where these same powerful energies still continue to comfort, heal and connect us with our own inner light.

“... without a doubt the heart is an inexhaustible source of love, insight, and intelligence that far surpasses that of the mind.”
- Baptist de Pape, The Power of the Heart: Finding Your True Purpose in Life

Being mindful to nourish ourselves physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually, is vital in maintaining holistic self-care. It demonstrates to others that we truly value, honour and respect who we are.

How we treat ourselves is also directly connected to our planet’s health. Presently, much is at stake in how we transition our lives and our planet towards increased health and wellness amidst ongoing earth changes. Being energetically interconnected, when we raise our energies by nourishing ourselves better, we will immediately, positively affect all those around us – and those same positive energies will continue to ripple across our planet.

Each of us can assist our health in any moment, with thoughts of gratitude, loving self-regard and kindness towards others.

- Barbara Halcrow, MSW.