Barbara attended the University of Victoria and then the University of Manitoba, where she received her MSW. Barbara has worked in a wide range of social service areas in rural and urban communities throughout her career that included: child protection and family counselling, domestic violence, sexual abuse survivors; sexuality and relationships, mental health and addictions, people with disabilities, and adult and older adult health issues.

Barbara worked most recently in health care across acute care, rehabilitation and community sectors where she held several leadership positions.

In following her spirit and career path, Barbara lived in British Columbia, Manitoba, the Yukon Territory and also for over a year in Seoul, Korea, where she taught ESL.

Barbara further advanced her spiritual development and psychic/mediumship gifts by studying the advanced healing teachings of the "Melchizedeck Method" from the Kamadon Academy in Australia. She also attending Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, a world-renowned institution for Psychic Development and Mediumship. Barbara completed a 2nd level in Reiki in Vancouver and additionally participated in other related spiritual energy healings from various communitiesí spiritual study groups.

Barbara ventured to write her first book, a partial memoir, Spiritual Intelligence: How Your Spirit will Lead You To Health, Happiness and Success in 2011. She has now completed her second book, Ultimate Self-Care, A Holistic Guide For Strength and Balance In Changing Times, due out in April, 2018. Her plan is to carry on and write a third book - stay tuned.