This story is my own.

It is about being spiritually guided since my early childhood, through extraordinary and dangerous times. By using my courage and staying open to Spirit’s knowledge and direction, I faced down my fears, and healed and transformed my life to greater peace, success and happiness.

As a healer and Social Worker I have had the privilege of working with clients and colleagues who have also been wonderful teachers. Life is ultimately about relationships. People enter our lives for specific reasons — to teach us what we need to learn, if only for a few moments or perhaps over a lifetime.

My experiences have shown me that potent, loving energies indeed surround us; that divine intervention, synchronicity and the realm of spirit, dreams and the unseen, are very real and meaningful. We can indeed expand our awareness and see beyond our present physical limitations of time and space to the great energetic richness that surrounds us and is a natural part of ourselves.

In sharing my life’s journey with you, I want you to know that you can transition from fear and confusion by opening to your own spirit’s intelligence—your own inner guidance that can lead you to the peace, success and the happiness that you deserve.

And while there are times we may choose to travel our paths in necessary solitude to access deeper truths, we are truly never alone.

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