"I wanted to reach out to thank you so so so very much or the copy of your book you gave me on the airplane as we landed from Santa Fe to Dallas back in November. I have read it twice now and am in awe of the direct richness in quality of information you present in your book. It was really pleasant to receive such a kind and wonderful gift from you. The book followed me and gave me incredible clarity and hope. I am so glad the universe was able to present your incredible work and contributions to me in the world at the time it did".

- Patience Pollock

"Ultimate Self Care is a must read for everyone. We are living in interesting times where there are new devices, new stresses & new illnesses showing up everyday on the planet. HOW do we navigate this? This book is an excellent guide, resource and companion on your journey. You will learn WHY you may be experiencing what you are going through AND you will be taken through very practical techniques and tools that you can do from home now. This book is incredibly put together with love, dedication and a genuine caring for your own personal journey. The Ultimate Self Care book is incredibly thorough and gives you more than just information. You will get tools, follow up websites & in depth information to take you further. I highly recommend this book. If more work places pick up this book and form groups within that workplace, imagine what could happen? If you start this book, you will never look back. Welcome to the first day of a new journey of transformation for YOU."

Dr. Divi Chandna, MD, Intuitive Coach
Mind Body Spirit Center

"The Ultimate Self Care is a self help book and I love it. This book should be read by everyone. I don't think anyone could read it and not find something that resonates with them. It is the kind of book you want to read again, and start implementing some of the exercises.The author authentically shares her life experiences and philosophy. There is a great need for self care simply because our day to day life contains so much that is out of balance. Many of us suffer the stressors from work, family and obligations which rob us of our vitality. This book is a practical guide that starts with where you are. It asks you to take responsibility for implementing a strategy of self care. The book is very well-written and smartly organized. It is a rare book amongst a growing pool of 'spiritual' or 'new age' publications which offers very practical guidance to people navigating their spiritual journey. Compassionately Barbara takes the reader step by step through every aspect of the deeper understanding of oneself. Her style is simple, flawless, effortless and very well researched. It resonates with her own heart felt and true experiences. I wish all work places can change their outlook and create balance by following the authors suggestion. The book is an overall winner to bring balance between work and relationship with one's own self."

Bhavna Solecki
Inner Evolution Center Ltd
Holistic Center for Pain and Stress Management
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Like the very definition of the term 'ultimate' (incapable of further analysis; final; definitive) Barbara’s book Ultimate Self-Care is just that - absolutely definitive, comprehensive and all encompassing. It ranges in scope from a metaphysical, theological and cosmic perspective on self-care in relation to the core of our beloved planet, to the most practical pointers on how to practice self-care for oneself and others. Barbara is speaking about this topic from many levels: as a skilled counselor and social worker; a holistic practitioner; a spiritual visionary and finally as a human being able to empathize with all manner of human experience. She has birthed this book from the very depths of her being and the result is truly awesome.

Barbara’s emphasis on the need for active and creative self-care is certainly in agreement with the premise of many doctors who integrate traditional and alternative medicine. So Bernie Segal in his book, 'Magic, Medicine and Miracles' spoke of working with exceptional cancer patients who were always active in their recovery never merely passively surrendering to medical authority.

Deepak Chopra in his latest book, co-authored with R. Tanzi speaks of the need for a healing life-style on every level to counter the possible onset of any major disease. Barbara’s book truly awakens this capacity for creative self-care and active recovery in anyone reading this book and following its precepts.

Dealing with constant stress and burnout is very much like being lost in a labyrinth. This book helps to provide the sacred thread that will lead us out of this impasse. For anyone interested in self-care from any perspective, look no further - the answers have been given. What an extraordinary service Barbara has rendered."

Dr. Shirley Anne McMurtry, Ph.D
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"It reads well, is researched carefully, and covers a wide spectrum of spiritualities, philosophies and psychology. When you interject your own experience you bring the suggestions and ideas closer to the reader, the goals become more attainable. Congratulations for a work well done, instructive and useful. Many many thanks".

Grazia Merler
Trento, Italy