""From the rocky soil of a traumatic, pain-filled childhood — where she was subject to the chronic lapses and ineptitude of her alcoholic and often abusive parents —grew the hyper-vigilant and spiritually-attuned author of Spiritual Intelligence. Barbara Halcrow's real life history is told in unpolished, unself-conscious and heartfelt prose, as though she was right beside you, telling her story. She reveals her constant striving for health and happiness despite her father’s frequent abandonment, her mother’s severe mental illness, and her own physical and emotional responses to wearying and constant stress.

Halcrow, who started life as a three-pound preemie, but who had formidable Scottish Viking ancestry and was able to meaningfully explore First Nation Aboriginal beliefs in her native British Columbia, lifted herself from the quagmire of destruction and despair. She talks about receiving helpful messages from spiritual forces and remarkable instances of her own intuition. She also describes being helped by some very kind teachers, Alateen, and the healing power of nature.

The thesis of Halcrow’s book is that “potent, loving energies indeed surround us; that divine intervention, synchronicity and the realm of spirit, dreams and the unseen, are very real and meaningful. We can indeed expand our awareness and see beyond our present physical limitations of time and space to the great energetic richness that surrounds us and is a natural part of our selves.”

Halcrow advises readers to express their gratitude and love, to use prayers and meditation, and to let go of doubts, grudges and fear. Halcrow’s unvarnished voice tells us how she managed to survive genuine hardship and then move beyond into a healing peace." "

- Sari Friedman, (www.fearlessbooks.com)

"Barbara Halcrow has lived fiercely and deeply the truths of her life. With radiant integrity and not a hint of self pity or posturing she offers her painful early history as proof that even the profoundly wounded can heal. With clarity, compassion and joy she teaches how to use traumatic events as a way to awaken and transform oneself. In this path, there are no victims. This book can awaken the heroes in us all."

- Leslie Hamson, North Words Consulting Writer, Teacher of Writing Meditations for Healing

"For all those struggling to find wisdom and grace in their life, read this book! Through compelling personal stories and the benefit of years of psychological and emotional learning, Barbara Halcrow gives us the gift of her deep understanding of spirituality and well-being."

- Beverly Cramp Author, Freelance Writer, and Memoirist

"The author's experiences as she grew up in an abusive, dysfunctional family, her journey of self discovery and spiritual awakening, are a lesson for all of us. How she learned to cope by finding her inner strength, and finally channelled that strength and spirituality in order to help others, is truly a remarkable and inspiring journey."

- W. Ruth Kozak, Life Writing Instructor, travel journalist, and Historical Fiction Writer (www.ruthkozak.com)

"Spiritual Intelligence is a personal straight from the heart account of the author's inspiring and courageous journey toward personal empowerment. The author reveals many spiritual insights and personal healing processes she used to show you how she successfully overcame many of life's challenges. This is a thought-provoking book that can benefit us all by showing us how to connect to our own spirituality."

- Bob Burnham, Author of the # 1 Amazon Best Seller 101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book: How To Make A Six Figure Income By Writing & Publishing Your Own Book (www.ExpertAuthorPublishing.com)

"Barbara Halcrow brings you into the most intimate moments of her life and shows you how to transform terror into a moment of awakening; an opportunity for growth. So you can trust that the myriad tools and teachings you will receive in this book have real power, as they've been forged out of the fire of her own inner alchemy."

- Dr. Anne McMurtry, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Channeller